About Insurance Products Inc.

Insurance Products Inc. is an independent insurance agency with over 35 years experience as an Employee Benefits Consultant and Senior Advisor for all Medicare products. Our goal is to bring you the most comprehensive line of individual and Corporate insurance products in your area. We spend a lot of time analyzing and narrowing down the available senior products and employee benefits we offer to our clients/prospects. We don’t look for just the lowest price or fastest issue. We look for a carrier that has a comprehensive benefit package for you and a dedication to customer service.

Our passion and dedication are two fold. To the Senior Market we have you covered with Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans. To the employer group we have expertise in small group, Large group, both fully insured and self-funded.

To both markets we also offer Dental, Vision, Hearing, Final Expense, Specified Disease, Long Term Care (LTC), and Hospital Indemnity Plans. And also bring you competitive and complete Annuity and Life packages.

Rusty von Sternberg
Agent / Owner

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully work with you as well. Be sure to check back to my page often for educational articles of interest.

If after I present my recommendations or a competitive alternative to your current structured benefits, please add me as your agent of record.

By adding me as your agent of record, you do not pay me anything for my services, but I may be compensated directly by the insurance carriers chosen.